Welcome to Mare Bellus Nubium

As an amateur astronomer, cloudy nights, cloudy evenings, cloudy mornings, and even cloudy days have kept me from making interesting observations. Although I'm not doing any critical science with my observations, it is still frustrating to be clouded out.  Many times when the clouds ruin my observations, I say, "I'm staring at clouds," like it's a bad thing. Sometimes it is.

Other times, though, staring at clouds can be an experience rewarding in its own way. I love to watch the dynamics in action. Clouds form, evolve, move on, or dissipate, sometimes in a matter of minutes. The clouds give clues to how our atmosphere is acting at a particular place and time. While I don't have the education or instrumentation to truly understand what is happening atmospherically, it is still fascinating to watch the show unfold, and make somewhat educated guesses about what is happening. I don't always have the time or a camera to observe the action in clouds, but when I do, this blog will showcase my observations.  I hope you find it enjoyable, but wish you clear skies when it matters.

Paul Christman
Valparaiso, Indiana

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